The Chukotka region

In the Russian Far East, Chukotka is located where the Bering Sea meets the Arctic Ocean across from Nome, Alaska. In this cold land of treeless tundra and no connecting road system, villages are primarily accessible by snow machines or air transportation. The population of Chukotka is a mixture of Chukchi Indians, Upik Eskimos, and European Russians.

SOAR operates a Piper Navajo plane and is conveniently located on the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska. SOAR's ministry includes air transportation and logistical support for ministry trips to support the Christian church in Chukotka, Far East Russia. The ministry has been conducting trips since 1991.

The Mahotkin Family: Ruslan, Olya, and their three boys

Due to paperwork challenges, it has been difficult for us to send in teams from Alaska recently. However, in 2012 the Lord brought a family from Moldova, Ruslan & Olya Mahotkin and their two (now three) young boys, to serve the church in Provideniya under SOAR. Through them, SOAR has continued to conduct Bible clubs and camps, Bible studies and more.