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A Place to Call Home

She paced the upstairs hallway, on the phone with someone important. Her voice serious and respectful as she responded to the person on the other line. The tentative smile spread to her eyes as they lit up with restrained excitement as she explained who she was talking to – “That was the “administration” and they said…

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Natasha’s Story – God is my Father

My name is Natasha Kuznetsova. I was born November 23rd, 1990.  From the very beginning my life was very hard. My mother was an alcoholic with twelve children. She didn’t feed us much, and often she beat us and left us outside. A lot of the time we were living on the street. When I…

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Sasha’s Story

Part One: 2016 It was a beautiful day with the bullfinches singing loudly. Usually, in our location of Russia, these birds sing at the end of February and the beginning of March. But this day was special. This gloomy November day, with a boy named Sasha, we went to find his parent’s house. Our Transition…

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